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Let It Snow Charm - by Willy The Elf On The Shelf

Willy The Elf Broke Into The Shop

We always knew our Elf was mischievous, but we never thought he would go this far. Last night he broke into the shop. Not only did he design his own jewelry, but he also made it! We found him on the tree this morning wearing his "Let It Snow" charm necklace. We've got to admit he did a pretty good job stamping, soldering, and setting the stones. He's a talented little Elf who is apparently frustrated with the lack of snow in Savannah. We get the message Willy, so maybe we'll get him a snow cone ;-)


He did leave the shop a wreck and after we cleaned up, we found these photos on the camera... son of a gun!

Willy The Elf On The Shelf Designed and Made his own jewelry

Willy The Elf with his Let It Snow Charm.

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